Friday, February 11, 2011

Rawlee's Blessing

My beautiful baby girl!
Our Family and cousin Max!

My mom's family. They all traveled from far distances to be with us on Rawlee's special day

On Jan. 9 we blessed Rawlee. It was such a great day, filled with lots of family. Jarrett gave such a wonderful blessing. We then had brunch out at the Middle School. It was delicious. I though Rawlee's dress was so cute. I searched the state and couldn't really find anything that I liked (I'm told that I'm rather picky). So I found this one on-line and fell in love. The only problem was it had been discontinued and the only size they had left was 6-9 months. At the time she was still wearing newborn. So my mom used her skills and took it all apart and altered it perfectly. It turned out great.

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Erin and Ty said...

She looked lovely, sorry I missed it! Im sure she probably looks completely different now though :)