Monday, March 2, 2009

Catch Up!

So I have been a huge slacker lately and haven't updated like I should. So here are some random pictures (cause that's really what people want to see).

For some reason Ryder is obsessed with the dishwasher. Anytime it is open he is right there to help. One day I left it open while I ran to the bathroom and this is what I found when I returned. He just loves to get in it.

Ryder and his cousin Max mounted on their new steeds they got for Christmas. Max is 6 months older, but you'd never guess by looking at them. They love to play together and I'm sure one day they are going to be trouble!

When I come home in the morning I always find Ryder sleeping in weird positions. It doesn't bother him one bit that he is sleeping on his face.

Ryder loves his baths! He goes crazy and in this tub it is more like swimming for him. Anytime he hears any water running in the bathroom he is right there wanting to take a bath.

So I told you about our puppy. Well he is just growing like crazy! He is a really good dog and is all house trained. Our neighbors (Jarrett's grandparents) have some chickens or I guess I should say had some chickens cause Shooter killed them. The other day we were all outside talking to some people in the ward and their 6 little kids. Shooter came around the corner with something in his mouth. Yep it was a chicken leg with feathers, flesh, meat, blood and bone. I was mortified!